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Equine Massage



Each massage your horse receives will include a variety of modalities depending on their job, needs, and activity levels.

Additionally, the information I receive as I begin massaging will shape how I work with your horse. 

Horses communicate with behavior. In order to do my job, I need to listen. To build trust. To communicate back to your horse.



A flick of the ear. A blink. Shifting weight. Tail swish. Yawn. Those signals all matter.

Having your horse mentally relaxed assists with stress relief, with releasing tension in the body, with releasing potential pain.

After every massage you will receive written notes of the session. I welcome input and communication from the owners, riders, and caregivers.


Getting Back to Doing What You Love

Our horses are hard workers. They carry our bodies and our hearts on a daily basis. When our equines are tense, tight, or in pain, their mood may reflect how their body feels. Helping your horse relax is time well spent, so you can get back to what's really important- enjoying every moment together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through the FAQ's but didn't see the answer you're looking for? Contact me for more info. 


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